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LOS FABULOSOS (The Fabulous), founded in 2010, is a Finnish trio performing traditional Cuban music: sparkling sones, evergreen boleros and rhytmic rumbas.  This music, made famous worldwide by the Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club, is the perfect combination of the beautifully resonating voices, the guitars and the wild bongó drums that make dancers go wild.


The Los Fabulosos consists of the brothers, Vili "Ernesto" Mustalampi

and Tero "Mario" Rantanen, who are Cuban music specialists

already in the second generation. The lowest frequency in the band, the basist Puro "La Bomba" Paju, has performed Cuban music with 

other Finnish bands (Son Sabroson, Salsa Caliente, Son Mercedes) since the late 1990s.

Los Fabulosos released an EP in the spring of 2020. Baila otra vez consists of three unpublished tracks in the mood of tradicional Cuban son and rumba with a modern Los Fabulosos-twist. 


The groove of Los Fabulosos is deeply rooted. Let yourself freely enjoy the nostalgic moments listening to Los Fabulosos interpret the best Cuban classics ever since.

VILI "ERNESTO" MUSTALAMPI: tres, vocals, clave

TERO "MARIO" RANTANEN: percussions, vocals

PURO "LA BOMBA" PAJU: bass, vocals

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