VILI MUSTALAMPI is a latin music specialist: singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Vili made his debut as a solo artist in December 2017 by his first single Mä olen sun kokonaan. Since then he has released six more singlesLämmöt päälle, Mango  ja Liian ihana, Yhtä kaunis kuin sinä, Vastakappale and Yo Te Amaría.


Vili has gathered four top musicians for his band:  Janne Halonen (electric guitar) is the leader of the Finland´s dominating Afro-beat band Helsinki-Coutonou Ensemble; Puro Paju (bass); and the rhythm section: Ricardo Padilla (drums) and Tero Rantanen (percussions) known for example from the bands Orkestra Suora lähetys and Don Johnson Big Band. All the singles has been produced by Hermanni Peltola who has worked as a producer for several other artists such as JVG, Isac Elliot, Nopsajalka and Raappana

For over 20 years VILI has been the leader of Kuukumina, a septet specialising in the traditional Cuban music. Among others he has been a performing member also in the Cuban music bands suchs as Septeto Son, Con Sabor, Los Elementos and Batácinco. With Kuukumina he has released three albums the most recent of witch, Kámina, (Rockadillo Records) was a review success in the Finland´s biggest daily Helsingin Sanomat and in music magazine Soundi. Vili is also the principal of the school of Cuban music Rumba-Akatemia.

In the spring 2017 Vili was invited to perform in the popular television program Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa

VILI has also been very productive in the field of children´s music. With his band Pomppulinnan Kreivi he has released three albums: Tukaani (2016) ja Mielen avaruus (2017) ja Mandariinipäivä (2020). Pomppulinnan Kreivi has also done new arrangements of the Finnish children´s music classics which can be listened at YLE areenassa

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