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POMPPULINNAN KREIVI (The Count of the bouncy castle) performs new children´s music which has also been praised by the adults. Perhaps the best way to describe the music of the band is to imagine a bird who is free to fly regardless of national and cultural boundaries always stopping where the rhythms are the most engaging. 

Pomppulinnan Kreivi has released three albums: Mandariinipäivä (2020) Mielen avaruus (2017) ja Tukaani (2016). Mielen avaruus was awarded in a series of the best children´s music album of the year 2018 in Finland. The band also participated in a project called ”100 lastenlaulua”, organized by Pikku Kakkonen, the most important Finnish media in the field of children´s culture.  The result was the rearrangement of five children´s music classics: Ihhahhaa, Kapteeni katsoi horisonttiin, Puff on lohikäärme, Nurmilintu ja Villahousurock. The songs can be listened at YLE Areena

In the live concerts audience is allowed to dance and jump! The music of the latest album, Mandariinipäivä, has multiple influences ranging from the lowlands of the afro-beat up to the Andiean peaks and to the streets of Cuban carnivals. The songs composed by the count himself Vili Mustalampi address topics such as: fighting agains the lust of sugar, getting friends with the darkness, making an excursion to the heart of the forest with a hammock, and of course, praising the rain pants! 

VILI MUSTALAMPI: vocals, tres, acustic guitar

VALTTERI BRUUN: electric guitars, vocals

RICARDO PADILLA: percussions, cuatro, charango, vocals

HANNU RISKU: drums, vocals

PURO PAJU: bass, vocals

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