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WELCOME to the restaurant Gustoso, which is held by the Italian brother-cooks, Umberto and Michelangelo. When inside everybody will notice, that the Gustoso is not an ordinary restaurant: istead of food the guests/customers are offered the Music menú including Italian music from the starters to the dessert.


Umberto and Michelangelo perform Italian music from the 1950s to the present day. Besides the Italian the brothers are fluent in Finnish and that is why part of the songs are sung in Finnish and even rewritten by the brothers themselves. For example the Italian song Lazzarella, which translated version became known in Finland as sung by Laila Kinnunen, is now telling about mouthmelting Mozzarella cheese.


During the show also the customers of the restaurant can take part in the preparation of food. Because after all, doesn´t the pizza taste best when everyone can choose the ingredients and every each of them has an own rhythm!


The brothers cook singing, playing guitars, violin, percussions and trombone. When the customers are ready and have the menú in their hands, the music can begin.


VILI MUSTALAMPI: voice, guitar, trombone, cajon

MIKKO RAJALA: voice, guitar, violin


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