VILI MUSTALAMPI BAND (VMB) played first time in live in the Finland´s biggest club-festival, Lost in Music 5.10.2018. VMB´s repertoire consists of the hottest Caribbean rhythms: salsa, bachata, reggaeton and cumbia combined with Finnish lyrics. The result is an oven fresh irresistible groove from witch the dancers go wild.


By this time VMB has released six singles: Mango,  Mä olen sun kokonaan, Lämmöt päälle, Liian ihana , Yhtä kaunis kuin sinä, Vastakappale and Yo Te AmaríaVili was also nominated as the newcomer of the year in the Finnish Ethnogala in 2019.

The members of the band:

VILI MUSTALAMPI: lead-vocals, tres, acustic guitar

JANNE HALONEN: electric guitar, vocals

PURO PAJU: bass, vocals

TERO RANTANEN: percussions, vocals

RICARDO PADILLA: drums, percussions, vocals

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